Stonington Harbor Mooring Database

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This page contains some general help and guidelines for navigating this web site. If you need further assistance, contact the .


The primary purpose of this site is the publication of two lists: The Stonington Harbor mooring holders, and the list of names waiting for a mooring.

These two lists contain the same information as the printed lists which are posted periodically in the Clerk's office at Stonington Town Hall. They are posted here solely for the convenience of the public.

In the event of a discrepancy between the information on this web site and the information posted at town hall, the printed lists take precedence.

In addition to the two informational lists, there is a page containing downloadable forms such as the Waiting List Application.


To return to the home page from any page on the site, simply click on the banner in the masthead.

Main Menu

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In addition, there are external links to the Stonington Harbor Management Commission page on the town web site, and various other related sites.

Mooring List

Mooring holders are required to submit a valid vessel registration each year when they renew their mooring applications. This allows the harbormasters to ensure the moorings are being used in accordance with state regulations. The Mooring List contains the registered vessel and assigned mooring for each mooring holder.

To sort the list by any column, click on the column heading. Clicking on the same column heading will sort the list in reverse. For example, to sort the list by mooring number, click on the word “Mooring”. The list will be sorted alphabetically by mooring number, with ‘301’ first. Click on the word “Mooring” again, and it will be sorted in reverse alphabetical order by mooring number with ‘Y-55’ first.

Waiting List

The waiting list contains the names of mooring applicants when none was available. The current rank of each applicant and the date the application was received is displayed along with the applicant's town of residence.

On May 26, 2009 a mailing was sent out to everyone on the Stonington Harbor mooring waiting list. The purpose of this mailing was to obtain accurate contact information in order to facilitate the assignment of moorings as they become available. The mailing included a form which had to be returned to the Stonington Harbormaster by June 30, 2009.

Those who were unreachable or did not respond by June 30, 2009 have been removed from the waiting list. All respondents who included an email address in their contact information will receive a confirmation email.

Anyone removed from the waiting list who wishes to be reinstated may appeal to the Stonington Harbor Management Commission by requesting a hearing in writing. You may send your letter to:

Stonington Harbor Management Commission
Town of Stonington
152 Elm Street
Stonington, CT 06378

The harbormasters make every reasonable effort to contact the names on the waiting list when they come up for a mooring. However, it is the responsibility of those on the waiting list to maintain current and valid contact information. A contact update form can be downloaded from the forms page. At present, there is no means to submit updated contact information electronically.

Connecticut regulations require the harbormasters to treat all applicants equally, regardless of their places of residence. Residents of the Town of Stonington have no priority over out-of-town residents for moorings in the harbor.

The waiting list is maintained on a first-come first-served basis. However, when a mooring becomes available, it is not always suitable for the first person on the list based on a number of factors including water depth, draft of the boat, and so on.